About Us

The main office located in Belize City, is the processing center for international and local orders, and for deliveries countrywide. Utilizing an integrated method, distribution centers in the North and West receive inventory to supply their respective areas for at least a month. Products are replenished on a weekly basis.

The last two decades have seen an expanded distribution system in 2 of the largest districts, which has required expansion of our Distribution Centers. These are Cayo in the West, and Orange Walk, and Corozal in the North. Our Distribution Centers cover wholesale and retail markets. The “next-day” delivery policy has kept our service, and reliability at high standards, giving confidence to those whom we supply.

Santiago Castillo Ltd. has a customer base of 1,000 country-wide. To maintain brand recognition and loyalty, monthly trade and consumer promotions are strategically planned. Each sales representative visits clients twice a week, taking along new products or promotions. In addition, media is tactically used to inform consumers of new items and special offers.